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Veritas Children’s Ministry

At Veritas, we value children, as we believe they are a gift from God given to us to protect, nurture, and love. We believe the greatest way to love our children is to take up the responsibility of declaring and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also believe this responsibility of raising children to know and love God belongs first to parents; therefore, we will continually challenge parents to engage the Gospel in the home. The ministry to children we offer is meant to be an encouragement and a compliment to ministry taking place within the family.

Our Principles

The Veritots Ministry of Veritas Church exists to glorify God, and in all our ministry to children, whether formal or informal, we aim:

  • To be Faithful first (not imitational or innovative).
  • To be Gospel-Centered (not morality-centered).
  • To be Delightful (not dutiful).
  • To be Loving (not cold or indifferent).

Volunteer Requirements

All of our adult volunteers are affirmed members of Veritas Church, fingerprinted, screened and trained in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Our “Teachers’ Helpers” are at least 10 years old, are children of affirmed members, and are never left alone with a teacher or young children.

  Child Protection Policy

Out of a deep love for the children God has entrusted to us, we have created a passionate and robust policy for our Veritots Ministry. This document was written with both teachers and parents in mind, to explain our basic procedures (check-in, check-out, bathrooms, evacuation plan, etc.) as well as our place for the prevention and reporting of any child abuse or neglect. Please read our Child Protection Policy online here.

Other Helps

As an aid to the parents, we have coloring pages and crayons available near the information table to be used during service. We agree with “A Theology of Children’s Ministries and its Implications” (Written by the Council of Elders, Bethlehem Baptist Church; Minneapolis, Minnesota; 1992, Revised 1999).

Recommended Books

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Sunday School for Children Age 5 and Under

Children of all ages are always welcome to stay with their families during the entire Sunday service. As a help to parents who prefer to have their children in class , we currently offer four options.

Tiny Tots (Infants & Nursing Moms)

The tiny tots room is available for mothers to care for their own child. Once the child is walking, they may graduate to the next class. This room is open the entire service and has the sermon streaming live on video in the room.

Little Tots (Walkers to 2.5 Years Old)

This nursery is staffed with qualified and trained volunteers, open the entire service for drop-off care only. The children have fun playing, singing, popping bubbles and listening to a Bible story time using A Sure Foundation curriculum by Children Desiring God. Teachers also share important Bible truths throughout the play time enriching their time together.

Big Tots (2.5 Years - 3 Years Old)

In this class children enjoy coloring, bubbles, music, play and a God-centered “circle time” using "A Sure Foundation" by Children Desiring God. We encourage parents to review the monthly Bible story and memory verse at home.

4 & 5 Year Old Children

In this class children enjoy coloring, crafting, and learning about God’s Word using The Gospel Project for Kids (Preschool) curriculum. This study takes three years to go through the entire Bible chronologically (except for special lessons at Easter and Christmas) and shows the kids how every story points to Jesus. We encourage parents to teach their children the key passage for each unit at home so that the kids only need a quick review in class.